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I don't see how you can hate from outside of the club.

You can't even get in.

I'm Camryyyyn.

Call me Cam or I will shove a raisin muffin up your ass.

I'm a girl. I have a face, a tumblr, and I love my friends.

I hate Chris Brown, so if you talk to me about him I will block you.

Carter's my favourite. c: Nick = Dizzy, and Mariah = Cluelessly in love.

I hate writing descriptions of myself and s/t. So don't blame me if this is shitty okay?

Rachel Bowman is my best friend and I love her with every part of me. c: She's so gorgeous, and amazing, and sweet, and perfect. She's my everything and anything<3

fjiosmfsdifjsofio alright bye sluts c: