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Hey. I'm Emy. Got it? Awesome.

I'm a socially awkward kid who draws stuff. What more could you ask for?

I'll try and respond to every comment left on my flipnotes, but don't complain if I miss yours or something (it can get hard to keep track of)

Other places to contact me::

Skype (its not my main one, but for online stuff) - ask me for it, but I'll only give it out to friends (sorry)

deviantArt - nostalgicpandah.deviantart.com

List of things I'm working on::

Fire Emblem Collab (Thaisu)

Homestuck Collab (Pencilcase)

Yaoi RP (Juice)

Yaoi RP (Yumi)

Yaoi RP (natsu)

Art Dumps

Other random things

(If I forgot something please tell me)

And if you can, really shoot me a comment on deviantart. I'm always on there and respond pretty much all of the time. Thank you!

Updated: 7/7/12