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The Prophet-

Ok I've updated this A LOT, but hey, evolution. Times change, people change, situations change. And so thus, this description changes. I guess I might as well fancy the idea of starting with a brief description of my very odd and exotic personality (of which is not favorable to many, but come on I can't change my personality!).

Many know my real name, but I honestly don't fancy the idea of sharing it with the world. I believe that if one has some mysteries about them, it makes them all the more interesting. I will however tell you I am 14, I do beleive I can act much more mature than that age in retrospect however, if the proceedings in a situation call for it. As for my personality, you honestly can't sum it up in a few words. But here, just for your amusement I shall try to do just that:










Well, that was my attempt. I might as well explain a hit more though, because lately people (mostly young immature creators, no offense to those people) seem to get the wrong idea about me (usually when I have only bothered to comment ONCE on one of their various flip notes). Understand this readers, if I comment something harshen a flip, it is the truth and only the truth. I do not exaggerate. I do not fib. I do not base your personality off that one certain flip note. It just so happens that you may have posted something unsuitable for hatena, or done something you should not have. Yes, my comments may be brutal, but if you really want to make the best of the situation then you might as well try to improve based on my comments, instead of holding a petty grudge against me. I might as well give you some examples of flip notes I would comment harshly on, so you know not to post such horrendous things:

Add stars to me

I need fans

Vulgar flip notes

flip notes that hint at something along the lines of s3xu4l material.

anything that has complaining

These are examples of content in a flip note that I find unacceptable. But you may notice (or at least I'd like to think that you notice) that I also give encouraging comments to those flip notes and creators that deserve them. I often find myself in arguments, but never for an unfair cause. If you ever happen to get in an argument with me, just try to fix your mistakes and you'll find that I can be a likable person. I am not afraid to give my opinion, so I will not hesitate to do so.

Moving on, I'd like to give a huge thank you to all of my fans!! Wow, when I first started on this (slightly corrupted) website they call hatena, I was hoping for 20-50 fans. Now I have over 200, and I am still gaining more!! Thank you again, it really means a lot to me to see that so many people love my art. I cannot express my love enough. Also, don't be afraid to request something!! I have had tons of request lately, and I am struggling to get them finished, but rest assure I will attempt to finish them all!

On a more severe topic, i've noticed something happening at an alarming rate lately. Many things actually. Hatena has become a barren wasteland, full of stealers, false reporters, trolls, and s3x addicts. What I once saw as a wonderland of beauty and friendship has turned into a nightmare that isn't changing anytime soon. Want to know what I see on hatena? S3x role playing, stolen flip notes, cr@ppy art, users who are on here for the sole purpose of making others lives miserable. it has to stop, I can't take this anymore. It was fun at first, but now I find myself remaining offline more and more. It isn't fun. I don't know if I just didn't notice before because I was too young, or if it really has gotten this bad this quick, but it's not pretty. All I want to know is, WHY? You have no excuse (you know who you are), you have no purpose for doing these foolish things! News flash, THIS IS A CHILDREN'S WEBSITE! I know some seven year olds on here, do you really want them to walk into a "friendly" chat room and see something about s3x!? You like someone's art, great, comment on the fli

note.Don't steal it and claim it as your own.





If you give me one good, legitimate reason why these things should be allowed, lay it on me. I'm simp enthralled by your thoughts on why you should have imaginary s3x just to get a b0ner. Tell me, seriously. That's what I thought. Guess what, that's also against the hatena rules of agreement. Frankly my dear I don't give a d@MN, I'll report you to next week. You know who you are.

On a lighter topic now, I'd like to have a better way to keep track of my hatena activites and such, so the rest of this description will be for that.

Friends, love them, hate them, they are the bee's knees. Here are some great people:

IZZ- bro, you rock. You are my best friend online, and girl you tell it likely is. Thanks for being there for me, no matter what.

PHRAC-you were one of my first friends, your personality and affairs captivated me, and our midnight roleplaying sessions were delightful. I can honestly say you are a great friend.

Mortica- You've opened my eyes to a world of wonders, you give me advice and sustain my silly rant sessions, thank you!

SF- You are a 8itch, but man I love you!! If I ever want to have an intelligent conversation with an all-around great person, you are the one to go to!!


I'd just like to give a shout out to a few creators that are substantial at what they do.

Kimi- Drawing and animation are nothing to her!! She owns all the arts, and has the swagger and style to go, you go girl!

Comet- Her style is so unique and adorable, she is also one of the few creative creators on hatena!!

Hek- If you don't know hek, go explode. Right now. I'm serious.

Blu- great art+amazing animations =me extremely jealous.

If you think you should be on this list, please notify me.*
















Requests to keep track of:

icon for IZZ

picture for Kik

picture for listless

Please notify me if your request is missing from this list.

Currently working on: Once-ler picture, contest, and new look.

Favorite quotes and Jokes:

Days without a fight: 1

Thank you for reading,

~Th3 Pr0Ph3T

P.S.- You may also contact me by using the following links: