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Howdy sonny, listen up here youngster, I'm a cartoonist and if your not okay with that then that's a problem, isn't it? But lemme tell you that I gots wild imagination, not like that spongey boy with the rainbo', I'm talkin' good imaginations and I turn 'em into a flap jackin' flipbooks. I hope we can become great friends and my ears are open to anything you have to say and if your hatin' on me, then I don't give a tarnation about your dilly dallying jack squatin' okay youngster. I'm a Christian who follows the only God I know and Love and that's Jesus and if you don't like that then deal with it because I'm like that. You hear goo'? Good. And I was born and raised in this blessed state called Texas and I'm a Texas freak I tell you now. I can't go a week without Texas. And if your wonderin' what state that'll be San Antonio. I ain't givin' you my address, tsk, youngsters and you jokers out thar... I hope you can take a gander at my art and I'm in art class so hopefully them drawings get better. How does that sound? Deal? DEAL!

I love to be funny and goofy sometimes and I can make a great friend. I hate it when folks get lonely so if you need anything I'll (hopefully) be there to help you. I hope I'll bring good entertaining animations and drawings to your eyes.

Now, laters, God Bless you. -Joshua

Right now I'm tryin' to become a flipnote artist and if you don't like that...then too bad...but after that I'll post flipnotes you see on the popular list...(not bein' a n00b.)

(And by the way, if you want to see some stuff I'm workin' in the mean time and wanna check out more of my drawings. Just click on this link. Thanks for the support. -> <-