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I'm Ice Cream! And i love make Flipnotes with Fun Songs!!

I Hope do you like my Channel!

Here's my Profile!!

Name: IceCream

Nicknames.- Ice and IC.

Age.- 0-100 (lol:p)

Favorite Food.- Pizza and lasagna!

Favorite Dessert.- Ice Cream (lol) and Chocolote.

Hobbies.- Draw,Make flipnotes,Surf the internet,Hang out with my friends and go to shopping!

Fav. Singer.- Rihanna, Ke$ha, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber.

Fav. Song.- Umbrella - Rihanna Price Tag - Jessie J Party Rock Anthem -LMFAO

Fav. Anima.- Zebras and Panda Bears (black&wite lol)

Fav. Color.- Rainbow (all the colors together) and black (lol)

That's All ;) -Ice