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I try to make ppl laugh thats my thing i luv Mvs and if you put me in one of yours Im greatly appreiciative if you put credit to Caleb at the end of sumthing.

Chuck Norris Interview- Cancled

O.C- none yet

Ocasionally at Chat Rooms. Any Questions will be answered here Thank you



100 fans- Not reached

300 fans- Not reached

500 fans- Not reached

1000 fans- Not reached

5000 fans- Not reached

OVER 9000- Not reached



10000 gold stars- Not Reached

100 green stars- Not reached

30 red stars- Not Reached

10 blue stars- Not reached

1 purple star- Not Reached



Top 200- REACHED

Top 100- Not reached

Top 10- Not reached


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Emerbobr- Faved Me

Squirt- no

Gizmo- no

BosS- no

Flipmaniac- no

Xach- no

Cool duck- no

sorry if i forgot you.


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