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Today this bald headed teacher was getting on my nerves callin me puttin her ashy ass hands in my face i pushed her hand out my face talkin bout this ur warning bish please this aint pre-k


Youtube-spokenreasons-if amber rose was my daughter

Kstylis-hands up get low[best song]

Rudeshakers(me and my crew Rep.btr

Story from last night


me-nawl dat ho3 dodnt wanna fight but talkin all dat sh!t

Kayey-she said u left cuz u thought she was callin the police on u

Me-df lol naw i left cuz she wasnt bought nun she was on sum childish ish

Kaysey-well she called her sister up there and her sister wanted to fight u tp

Me-fqk her sister i ne scraped anbd ready i dpnt take no ish from no bixch bruh real im not playi. Wit her bald headed azs ima talk tp u tommaro

  • hangs up-



8/8/12 U MY BAE N im ur sami soso UNEXPECTALY SO --> Before u read all this just know if u fqk over me i can fqk over u 10x more

Name:zoniqe.aka.dreka.accska Tutu

Agve:14goin on to 15

Grade:8th nowxD

Race:African American, barbaisian,and Creole

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Owkai ily lil sis deddy u my dadie i call u poppy u call me momy jk im on some random ish right now another shot out to jamini u my big mama im ur woo dady sheep lol imu now to my baby dady jaron well niqa congratz on u and minnie better treat my sis right or im comin after your ass wit my crew n we gonna be scrap n u better not go get dat niqa aj neither cuz ima wip his asz 2 i love yall cant wait till school start thursday so i can see yall crazy aszesWell I'm still in pain from my third piercing itz annoying after cuz it keep scratching my gums like crazy. DONT MIND IF I FK U U U AND THAT NIQGA BEHIND U bawl jk ain't nobody whiting this yet lmao


[]crushing got what I want

[√]taken hyfr


IF U SEXY AND U KNOW IT CLAP UR HANDS IF SEXY AND U KNOW ANDU REALLY WANNA SHOW IT CLAP UR HANDS lmao today I wrote on the gym stairs to fkn funny well u can't see what I sad cuz u don't go there n I'm vnot posting it on here WELL FRIDAY WAS FUNNY AS HELL 6TH PERIOD WAS BOARIN AS FK ZZZzzz LMAO BUT 3rd period be my gym and u know it be popin in there I was bought to beat a bixch azs Cuzco she think she can twerk on every body so u know I showed her LOL but it be al good my varcity jacket riped so u know I'm pissed 2nd period my boo in der soo idk I'm just worn out from gym but Fitzgerald on YouTube now idk who posted it but umm chop chop I'm bird bye l

#Team rudeshakers

#Team dopeswag

I#Team bustit

Now dats enough if u don't know me or I don't know u gtf off my page bixch