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Helllo!!! Diss iss cake here! so lets start off... so my name is Emily in rl and im belive it or not 9 O.O weirdd right i really like to draw but i can barley animate anything xD i would consider my drawings Decent but not pro.. LET MEH LIST MY FRIENDS!!! FrannyQ half friends with skitty i fink coyetti alana Buttter panadataco Kristen.Mkgirl Art Taken, Maybe Britt,Karina???? o_o taken i might forget you people but ill add you in if i foget chu Im not a really populor artist/creator. i never even thought i would make friends/get fans


1000 stars-DONE!

4000 stars-DONE!

10000 stars?-DONE!


30000:not dont );


30- DONE!!!!!!

50-not done

100 not done

500 not done


Lets tell stuff bout me

im sometimes weird and odd and have like a normal mount of friends my friends are funny and im the class clown.sometimes ima lazy butt and sometimes im not i play shoeball,basketball and derp around at times alot im considered quirky,odd and weird and a bit tomboyish im evil by stealing my friends chips out of her hand to eat and i hate the fude out of spicy things. i have a part italian friend and i love the word cheese in itialtion it goes TWEESE! hi pitchyish voice. i have a roblox and mostly a moshi monster TWEESE! nummy i have a cheese lovin friend who says he can find cheese faster than a mouse. his name is Alan I HOPE YOU HAD A GUDDD TIME READING MY NON EPIC LIFE I FINK