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Hi, this is Nicole(: Ummm here are a few facts about me. 1) I love the color purple 2) I have a little brother and 2 big sisters 3)I have a lot of awesome friends here: Abbychu; , Emi-chii , Italy(Un hip) , MaDDy , Shyguy57 (my brothers account) , urmmmm sorry if I forgot you....I forget a lot of people >///< Well, I came on here exactly a year ago 8/3/2010. About a week or two ago I deleted all of my flips... I needed to re-do all of my drawings. My art sucke.d a year ago, but ive improved<3 bye!


OH MY GODDD!!!!! heyyy people(: okk so it's 1/7/12...HAPPY FIRETRUCKIN NEW YEAR!!!(: hahahah okk I m officially back!! IM EXCITED!!<333 look me up on facebook(: my name is Nicole ImOnHatenaAgain Smiley..hahah randomm name(: BYEEEEEEEEE