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Hey, my name's Miranda, but I prefer Andi or Mandi, you pick :3

I love making friends and love all the friends I have now (u know who you are ;3)

I <3 Sonic and pokemon, I've been practicing drawing pokemon, so maybe someday I'll start on here :3

btw, I hate stealers, I haven't had anything stolen, but stealers drove away my best friend on here :(

I miss you, Spaz <3 :'(

so if you're a stealer, you're not cool with me


My sonic characters are:

Stella- happy and cheerful all the time, always at least tries to look on the brightside, my first character :3. Species-tiger

Mira- I don't really use her, she was Stella's best friend. Species-cat

Mike- Stella's old boyfriend, very loving and nice, they seemed to have a mysterious break-up, no one (not even me :S) really knows how it happened. Species-hedge-tiger (really should just be tiger...)

Veronica- Stella's older sister, pretty dark and mysterious. Seems like she would be mean until you get to know her. Species-tiger

Kevin- Veronica's boyfriend, dark and mysterious as well. very protective. Species- panther

Imogen- She is both Stella and Veronica's friend (but mainly Veronica). she has a little of both of them in her, dark but also bright? Species- Dingo

(as you may see, I like cats >w<)