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my name is Carlie if some of u dont already kno friendz call me Carls jr. or just Carls u can call me Ligz or Ligerz...i have so many nicknames but i wont list them...

im 16 and Bi Woot Woot!

I Luv NATE<3

143...bleh im banned for a week...1/16/11-1/23/11 heh

Anyways imma Dino RawR!...i sing and write my own songs and poems...

i live to eat cheese stixs lolz(:

And invader zim Rulez

my fav bands are:Green day,Maroon 5,Marianas Trench,Paramore,Boyz like Girlz,All American Rejects,Plain White T's,Muse,and so many more i dont wanna name...lolz to lazy0FT0*

i love my frenz...u guys no who u are (:

Rob Pattinson fan all the way... ultimate fan lolz hes so sexy lolz so is meh bf lolz

imma vegetarian too...YaY! vEggIe persons Rule!(weirdness).... i luv skittelz the candy and Guess wat my doggy's name is skittelz.... lolz(also have a dog named sumomo)-CUTENESS-

i have 5 bros(including u Angelo)

and 3 sisterz wow i never noticed how big our family is...oh well

im italian,irish,welsh,english(england),russian,spanish(spain)P.S im the whiteist person ull ever meet im friggin not one of those people who'try'to speak spanish lolz well ok thanx for reading if u did

LuV U My PeePz

remember always remember....


BuH ByE(: