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HELLO FELLOW EARTH MONKEYS, I AM ZZ! I am a 13 year old NORMAL human worm baby. I found this planet after trying to kill the tallest(long story). I hear that some people that are "like me" here and tracked them here on this website.


invader zim, invader gar, invader zie, invader jix, invader gl.k, KILLING..., battles to the death, puppies, kittens, Hilary Duff, gir, DSI, flipnote hatena,roses, zombie movies, any scary movie, and RPs.


haters, the irken army, the tallest, pretty much anyone who is after me or hates me, people posting anything but invader stuff on an invader channel, being bored, my drawings, any bad drawings or animations, HUMANS with a few exceptions, crying in front of people, not looking tough or mean, DIB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, expressing human emotions, being asked if i'm Irken, and "docters" with needles.



zz:is a very dark, very evil Irken who is on the run from anyone who knows about her trying and almost succeeding to kill the tallest. she hates when people see her soft side. And has a very low self of steam. She would kill everyone if she had the chance. anyone can make her angry or cry by making fun of her or any other type of bullying.

status: defective

night: zz's sister and the totally different from zz. At a glance you couldn't tell they where sisters.Is in the Irken military, so she never gets to see zz, and when she does she never tells where she is at. Was in inpending doom one.

status: not defective

talon: This is a male irken who is in love with zz. zz hates him but he does not care. he used to be in the irken military, but quit when zz went on the run.

status: not defective

anti-zz: She is even more evil than zz and is zz herself. At times zz turns into anti-zz. When she comes out she just kills anyone in sight. She will come out when zz is very angry or sad.

status: not defective

unknown invader: he is weird and shy. he is as far as zz knows defective, but she is not sure. zz is in love with him because of all the battle scars and how tough he looks.

status: unknown

red: red is a very "special" Irken. she alot like anti-zz and wants to kill the tallest. her and her brother blue both hate talon.

status: not defective

blue: is red's twin and loves zz. he is planing to kill the tallest to win zz's love, and steal it away from talon. is alot like his sister and will kill anyone who hurts her or zz.

status not defective

target: is an Irken invader who would kill everyone in the galaxy. the tallest put a target on his forehead so they can kill him, he escaped with the target still on his head. dib tries to find time to shoot the target but always misses.

status: not defective

zlue zlue: is a 1 year old clone made by blue with his DNA and zz's. how he got zz's DNA is unknown. personality like blue's, same type of defetiveness as zz.

status: defective

jenx:an invader zz met while flying to met one of her friends. hes cool and funny. he is also very rude, he is only friends with zz so he can turn her in to get moneies.

status: not defective

gezo: an invader my friend, toxic dino, came up with during a rp. shes cool and can deal with akward situations.

status: not defective

nesko: is an invader my sister came up with. shes just like zz exsept shes too happy-go-lucky!!!

status: defective

mel: is zz's brother! he was taken by their father kex. zz was left with her mom, she was abandoned...T.T anyways! he is cool and doesn't take no for an answer. it turns out that he is zz's twin! >w<

status: defective


zazzy: Is zz's sir unit that she got when looking through the defective sirs bin. zz choose zazzy because she also has and evil side, and will become evil whenever zz does.

status: defective

zatora: He is loyal to his master night and does not like zz. Zatora gos to zz's house often to see if she has any more plans to kill the tallest. If he could get to contact the Irken army, he would so he can tell where zz is.

status: not defective

yang: is crazy like gir and zz sometimes wants to kill him! he likes to annoy zz to see if she will...

sadly thats all for now i hope to make more soon.and yes most of my o.c.'s are really sad, but only most of them!!