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Hey um... I got BAND so I wont be on hatena any more... To all my frinds I love yall and I'll miss u guys so much. My last shot outs:( Enrique, You are the best bestie ever and I'll miss you soooo much Love u BESTIE,<3. Deb, You are a good and grate friend I will miss you girl:). Erick, I know we havent talk in for ever but remeber I love you. Aly, I barly new you but you were a very good friend too. Viper if you see this... I'm sorry we could never be:( But if you wont email me @ zebra118@hushmail.com ok viper<3 I LOVE YOU!!!. Tray, I don't even know if you still do hatena but if you do and you see this, I'm sorry it never worked out and you will always be my Best friend:). And last but not lest Cheese, sorry we could never be but you where never on and yea... but I'll miss you. Ok thats all my closested friends. All my high school sucks fans sorry I could never finsh:( and to all my fans sorry i let you down. BYE HATENA!!!! :(