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I'm not popular -I'm far from it- but I don't even care. I've made some of the bestest friends on here than I ever could. They talk to me, and actually care. Even if I've never met them for real, they treat me better than my so called "friends" at school. Nobody talks to me anymore. I don't evem know why? They just want to be mean to me. I've never done anything wrong to them, but just... I don't know why they're mean. I just don't.

I am a sculptor, I dream of being a famous artist. My passion is art. My career choice, however, is that I want with all my heart to be a forensic scientist. The feild of criminal/medical justice, and law firm just fascinates me. Anyways, I also have own little "business." It's not real, but I love to make people stuff, and they buy it from me. It's a great way to make money too, because people just don't know how I can do stuff. Sculpting really helps with my drawing abilities too. Knowing about perspective is key to making something amazing, but I'm still not the best drawer ever. Lastly, have a nice day.

No, this name isn't any language, if you were wondering. I got this name on my own. And I basically use it for everything. Pokemon rocks, anime is my life, friends are a treasure, familys are everything, and life is amazing.

Spwecial shout-outs to my bestest hatena friends,Robert, and Catshadows. You people are sooo awesome, if I hadnt of met you people hatena would be very boring for me, so thanks! :)