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Take 1

Gawd, give me like, 5 minutes. What? I have to? Hang on, let me finish watching this episode of My Little Po- What?! We're recording now? Cut! CUT! Cu- err, da da da, dum da da da...

Take 2

Hello Audience! This is Jac- BE QUIET TOM, start it again.

Take 3

Hello, and welcome to Profound Moments in L4D. As you can see, the graphics have lowered a lot more than last ti-

Tom: Jack. Jack. You're being stoopid. Stop it.

Take the guy that does this quit

Why Hello There. This is Jack, Mimiga, and I would like to explain to you that this is my Hatena page, but I'm too lazy. The end. And if any of you wish to add me, go to the fine accounts below me. KTHXBAI. Is that it? Is it over? Good. Wait, what does that red light mean? Hey! Turn off the recor-

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