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I am Flamehead, I am twelve years old (real name is Evan) I really liked to draw since I was 3. I hope you all see and enjoy all my flipnotes like "Kirby Last Dream" or "Kirby of the Sacred Planets" they all took forever to make.My goal in Hatena is to make 100 flipnotes in the popular zone 2/100(Have not done yet)or be in 1st place(Have not done yet)Well I really hope you enjoy everything I do as much as I do. Thanks everybody:).

I live in Indiana. I hope you like my flipnotes but if you look at my fans flipnotes there's is better than mine.WAY BETTER!!! You probobly think I'm not good at drawing (i agrre) but the only thing that matters is friendship not stars comments downloads and views.Hey and CoolSpika,Hallie,ChinoSpike,KirbyStar,Riah8426,Kirby, you guys all rock!!!You shoud all be in 1st place some day!!!! me, I'm lame I'll probobly stay in the 1-2 thousands cause all my flips just get stars and then it just stays at something like 6,000 I add a few more stars to all my fans flipnotes every time I see them. But according to my goal I'll never reach it TT.TT Highest place 862.Another goal I want to get over 100 green stars 75 red 25 blue 5 purple and have over 1500 fans then I would feel so relaxed /:D

There is also another person who uses this flipnote account, though!

Flamehead's older sister!

Hello, thar~

My name is Lauren, but I hate it, so please call me Alice!