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Hello all my fans and friends,what you are reading right now is information about me plz enjoy all these facts that are all about me!

My name is Jake,and here are some cool things I like to do besides Flipnote Hatena: I love playing my Electric Gituar a lot: My favorite game of all time is SSBB (Super Smash Bros. Brawl): My all time favorite video game character is SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: Another thing I like to do is Surf,I live in California so its a thing I do A LOT (lol):Thats most of the stuff I do.


I'm 11 years old

I'm a boy


Hazel/green/blue eyes

Curenntly 4ft9 as of 7/13/2010

I live in California

Going into 6th Grade

and I am a creative Fun-loving guy

Thx 4 reading and plz check out my flipnotes!