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Hi'ya, Hatena! owo

My name is jesse. i am 13. I plan on becoming a threat to the major creators >=D

Anyways, my specialty is recreating funny scenes into stickmen, but i do a bunch of other stuff also.

Some of my favorite creators: When I first joined hatena before I created this account back in December 2010, one of the first flips I ever saw was one of andrew's. His flips just keep getting awesome-er and he's the entire reason I use the 'eyes outside the head' technique.

Mr derp- another original favorite, this crazy nut is sadly not with hatena anymore. His animations were incredible.

Epic- ooooh boy. Epic and guitar are the reason I came back from my month-long break after seeing one of his flips. They make good flips and have an aggressive attitude towards scammers and beggars, kinda like me :D. My favorite motto from this is: 'If you're in it for the stars, you're in it for the wrong reasons.' which I totally agree with.

Gizmo- everyone's favor creator the nut job :P keep being crazy gizzy

cs188- I met him while we were tag teaming this beggar in one of her flips. He uses this crazy funny animating style and has already been faved by epic and Anthony. You should check him out.

Some of my favorite haters:

I get my haters by discouraging beggars and scammers, then they flare up in self-defense that stealing and begging is ok and my flips are bad.

Matthew-p: he is this kid that I recall stealing one of my flips before. I went to one of his recent flips to try and discourage him but suddenly I'm a no-life because I work on flips. That was his only comeback. He stopped posting but watch out for him.

This next person changes her name every 10 minutes so people don't know who she is when she begs in her next flip, supposedly. she usually posts music and asks for stars, and I try to call her out for it. She's posted a few good flips and I applaud her for it, but when I try to discourage her she cusses me out and says I'm a jealous hater and that 'Making flips with dumb stick figures is easy'. I'm trying to get her to try it to see how hard it is but she is so stubborn and keeps making the same points. Her ID is Koolteam58.

All of my haters are blocked.


Current Goal: Get a flipnote that hits #1 on the daily rankings overall chart


Q.What's your name in real life?

A.What do you think?

Q.What is your opinion on Justin Beiber?

A.I don't think he's a terrible singer or anything, I just think he's overrated.

Q.Do you have a girlfriend?

A.Do you have to go online to get a boyfriend?

Q.Favorite creator of all time?

A.Gizmo (id: kingboo7) or Andrew~ (id: klaycrap).

Q.How old are you?

A.Read higher in the description =_=

Q.How do you get inspiration?

A.I study Gizmo and Andrew~.

Q.Any advice?

A.The best animations usually take a lot of effort. I recommend doing 6 speed or higher but it's easily possible to make good flipnotes on slower speeds. Study other flipnotes that you like and/or are popular, and learn from them. Make sure everything is perfect. Everyone can make a good flipnote!

Q.Anything else?

A.I'm hungry, thanks for asking.

(P.S. I am especially againts stolen flipnotes and false reporting)

Here is a chart for where some of my more popular flipnotes have peaked on the overall daily chart (I plan this chart will grow, given time). Highest ranking listed, most recent first. credit to fred (id: blankenburg) for the chart setup idea.

#16 Don't look at sun

#20 Not your Friend

#27 Sniper Alert

#6 Random Funny Video