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Aloha! My name is Skyler, and I am 13 years old. I like drawing, sports, and school. I like making pv's, entering contests, editing animations, and making series. I play volleyball, football, wrestling, basketball, track, crosscountry, soft/baseball, golf, etc. I like going to school everyday, because I can hang out with friends, and most important, LEARN! Lol, I live in Oregon, home of the OREGON DUCKS! WOOT WOOT! I live in a small town, and only 1,315 people live there.

My best friends in rl are: Tristen, Gabby, Brittany, Emma, Alysha, Halea, William, Sydnee, Jaycee, Jack, Evan, Casen, Jessica, Joie, Madison, Laura, Jenny, Marco, Saxton, Brogan, Ian, Cheryl, Daphnie, Andrea, and ALOT more!

My bff's on hatena include: Amanda, Nate, Ben, Alicia, Allie, Marissa, Lane, Emma, Ashley, Megan, Ali, Kelsey, Jumba, Doug, Paul, Glampie, Piplup, Aly, Britt, Sunni, Mel, etc. (Sorry if I forgot you!)

I have a Wii, Dsi, PSP, XBOX360/kinect, Gameboy, etc. (lol I pretty much have everything!) I play ACWW and ACCF alot, and I have alot more fun games! NINTENDO ROCKS!!! :P

So yah. That's pretty much IT. Lmfao, if you want to anything else about me, than comment on a flip or something, and tell me what you want to know about me!

OH YEAH!!! I'm also taking requests on anything. Tell me what you want in any of my flips. I'm bored, and I don't really have anything to do. PLEASE! And you can request for me to enter your contest too! =)

Skyler = Scholar, and a PIMP DADDY! lol, that's what my friends call me. Marco calls me Home-Slice, and Homie G. People call me Shane and Marie FOR NO EXACT REASON. lol "That's not my name!" XD SO stick that in YOUR juicebox, and SUCK IT! Lmao, jk. NOW GO AWAY! I MEAN IT! GO! derp. PEACE OUT MY HOME-SLEEZIES! herp.

☺☻♥~ Skyler<3