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~Welcome to Nintendo Show 3D, err i mean to my creator's room ~e3e~~

Antwan was here! he thinks u should give anthony all ur cookies and convince hobo's to fight random ppl for cookies then give them to me! to ME and not yoshi 106 cuz she HATES cookies! well thats it PS> u should give sam a taco XD. Back to you jamel! dB>

I agree. dB^

those ruffians. ewe -jamel

Hi guys.My name is Jamel,I'm 12 years old,I am the creator of my new show,Manny the Picture Taker and the dodgeball series!dont listen to those hooligans. dB -> He took a picture of a guy in the shower once and he's going to keep it forever and have tons of them on his wall. dB I'm going to try hard to make my flipnotes a lot better!

Since I have a wii, you can brawl with me on SSBB, race with me on mario kart wii,or hang around with me on animal crossing city folk.On DS,I have animal crossing wild world,mario kart DS,and on my b-day,I have pokemon heart gold and pokemon white so you can battle me on it and dont listen to those fudgebags right there. XD -> even though I've never changed it because I forgot. ePe i also have a 3DS so gimme your FC mine is: 5455- 9680-8033 ePe

I'm a big fan of the Mario crew,the Sonic crew,and the Kirby crew.I like the Mario crew the best though.Yoshi is the best I like of the Mario crew.My favorite colors are green,red,and blue.Yoshi is awesome because he always says ''Yoshi!'' and he's in different types of colors out of my favorite colors!XD