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Hi it's jayden yolO so I am so random so watch out haha. XD . I am nOt a person that just goes and asks a random person hi will u date me ? No I don't do that ummm I don't like players or cheaters ummm I would fight a guy if they were bothering my girl I would do any thing for my girl ummm I am happy ! Lol . So ummm school starts in like 8 days :p sucks .


My information:

I Am single

I own a gym

I am 16

I play soccer



And i am a boxer at my gym

I am fun

I weigh 101 pounds

I am skinny

I have a 6 pack and abs

Ummm I have brown eyes and hair

I am Mexican

I am tan

That's it


I have face book search me and add me


User name : jayden Peterson

Text me : 408-703-9947

Thanks bye !