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I'm 13 and I was born in 1997 July 22 ,White Plains. I am going to go to A.B.Davis Middle. My childhood friends name is Eric & Otto. Eric moved to Queens. I had to move so I never saw Otto again . My new best friend is Giancarlo Narajo , my frenemy Lucas Olivera , & my best friend I'm mean to all the time Bryant Dominguez . I also have 11 sisters & 1 brother on my dad's side and my sister Karma on my mom's side. I love dogs , bunnys , & wolves . I was inspiered by Gizmo, Boss, 〒rent, Tristen my hatena friend , Islandgirl, Sacul,Smiles the one that faved me, Red Dino,and so many more.About Me: I am White & African American mixed. I love the song Tidal Wave By: Owl City. I am nocturnal sometimes. Well that's all peace o3o