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Yo peepz of dah wirld. Meh name iz Meggie! (actually it's Megan, but i go by Meggie, so dont call meh by dat name! Anyhoo, I'm a 12 year old girl who lovz to draw, read, write, and a bunch of other nonsense that I'm not going to list cuz it would bore you to sleep. :P I also hav an older sis that is pretty popular on this web. If you know me you definitely know her. She's none other than Supahfrog! Her name's actually Sierra, but datz her Hatena nickname. So yah, me n her r bestest of buddies. And on an endin note, me n Supahfrog luv animals, like our two pet White Dumpy tree fwogz Mobi n Tobi. We also adore our puppi, Lizzie, who iz the largest mutt in deh wirld! XP We <3 dem sooo much. So yah, thatz some stuff about meh, but i aint tellin anytin else cuz uh internet stalkerz 0.o I hope u enjoy meh flipz n i know i'll enjoy urz!