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I find Hatena to be a great way to help inspire, praise, and share to other creators. I love watching the creative ways pople utilize flipnotes. (side note: XIII is a guy!) Im imspired by many creators work including...


BOSS- A well known creator, he has a solid art style and a creative outlook on his flipnotes. I iresistably await all his future work.

Darkhart- Though a bit rough, I love the plotline of his series' story. It has its own groundwork, with interwined characters and several interesting story arcs. I really like the original characters too. (if not a bit simple looking) This is one creator I feel deserves more recognition.

Black Rose- An artist with skills comparable to an expert, this is one of the most talented artists on hatena. None of her drawing ever lack luster, theyre all polished to perfection. Her skill are second-to-none when it comes to shading and "still" art. Black Rose is my vote for the next "featured artist".

Aceof$pade$- With his return came demoralizing news; all of his flipnotes had been removed from hatena. Though this is a harsh blow to him and all his fans, Ace continues on unfazed. I owe this creator so much ^_^

Merkiks61- A rising creator, Merkiks has her own playful style. He always has some sort of humor in his flipnotes, bringing a fresh look to them. When it comes to his drawings... I was left speechless. The perfection in his stylistic technique is readily aperent in every one of his drawings. This is a creator worth looking into.

Nicholas- Truly amazing. His honesty in his flipnotes, his share of the gospel to other users on hatena, Im truly inspired and moved by him. Hes never said a wrong word of anyone and always trys to implement a message of gospel in his flipnotes. It deserves being repeated, this creator is truly AMAZING.


And finally, here is where I will update the status off all the flipnotes i am currently working on. Ill try updating when I can. Thank you for your time ^_^

Echoes of Darkness p.2 - 75%

Anime contest entry - COMPLETE

(If anyone knows any contests that are going on please let me know!)