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I am a 17 year-old Canadian that lives in the province of Quebec. And no, English isn't my first language. It's french. That's why I have such a "weird" accent. But I love speaking english, for some reason.

People started calling me Dead Head because I look like I'm dead when I'm really tired. Also, when I'm tired, you have no idea how random and stupid I can be.

I'm in an Electronica band called Wherestoday, along with a friend of mine nicknamed Ollivr Manhattan. We released an EP and plan to make another one very soon. We have a lot of YouTube accounts, here are the links, with the names :

  • My Official YouTube account : TheDeadHeadShow

  • Wherestoday's Official account : Wherestoday

There are a lot of other accounts with great stuff, but it would be too long to write them all, so, on my YouTube pages, there's a section called "The Red Team Group", with all our accounts linked to it.

My first mission on Hatena is to never deliver crappy content. That's why I always take my time to create animations, even though I'm not really patient. Over the years, I have created more than 80 different original characters, and most of them are alive because of the "Flipnote Frog" community. Here is the list of all my original characters on Hatena.

Dead Head (Main character)

Rengeïst (Dead Head's second personality, originally without a R)

Stick XXL (A huge, red stickfigure with gloves, using memes as a power source)

Hubert the nerd (A skinny nerd daydreaming about meeting Hatsune Miku)

Mozart (Inspired by my dog)

Matou (Inspired by my cat)

Sun (A little and peaceful character full of energy)

Moon (Sun's complete opposite, a dark, depressed and agressive character)

My favorite music bands are Daft Punk, Owl City, Infected Mushroom, Linkin Park, Panic! at the Disco, A Day to Remember and Skrillex. My favorite video game characters are Crash Bandicoot (the old style), the Game & Watch guy, R.O.B. and Toon Link.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you know more about me now!

  • Jeff "Dead Head"

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