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i need more ime to do flipnotes so im come back on 1.2.2012 due do it

Hi i love createing and looking at new flipnote.s and send to flipnote hatena its fun.

i sometimes look at flipnote at school for 10 or 15 minutes after doing my ict work. or wet school days PS dont play with my class all my friends are in different class.s so i go on the computer at wet days to see flipnotes

And have fun looking at my flipnote.s

Can you comment in English

Thank you and have fun looking at my flips

and dont post bad comment's

and ther is a andy 1234 channel for all andy1234 fan's its a channel for all of my flipnote's on one channel

if i make a flip i will only post one a day

And a channel for the fan's of my flip's to

i got 15 more or less flipnots to do some times

not on flipnote hatena all the time but i do make flipnotes some times

made over 300 flipnotes

im on ACC now play ACC im on AC LGTTC/CF im jelly 1234 on it

and im on to have a look at my super mario flash Levels im jelly1234 on it

By :)Andy1234:)