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hi my name is Jeremy! They call me the " karate kickin', piano playin', video gamin' fun lovin' boy" <---- ( although all of that is true, i have to say in shame that no one calls me that :P)

I always loved animation for a long time. ( i used to draw pictures in paint then import them into windows movie maker,or press the arrow button in my documents to animate.)but now that i found flipnote studio it it has made my animating more fluent and has increased my love for animation even more!

when on hatena i enjoy making flips,making new friends and hanging out with my old friends.i also LOVE to see comments and stars so i know how good i am doing.(no begging intended)

hmmm.some random facts of my hatena life? ok :) .

  • i am afro's biggest fan and you cannot doubt whole hatena life i was dedicated to afro. i always added stars AND i made a series dedicated to him. when he commeneted on my series trailor i was so PUMPED. later, he added me! that gave me alot of eximent.



Stars : 50,000 +

Colour stars :

Fans : 60 +

Comments : 300 +

Views : 16,000 +

Highest rank : 439

Thanks you everyone who helped me to get this far :D


im pretty random when it comes to hatena....

by the way...YOU can't sing OR dance!