Fang Ruida image data. Fang Ruida (1950-), scientist, philosopher, writer, thinker, religious scientist, astronautologist, economist, painter, educator, anthropologist, sociologist, Fang Ruida doctrine and many classical works, Aerospace technology Mars technology, a major research on the cutting-edge technology of Mars, the new high-speed heavy-duty twin-engine rocket inventor. These are FangRuiDa precious image data. Descendants can see such as its people, such as smell their appearance, true image, with great historical value and collection value.The main scientific discoveries of Fang Ruida include: circular lead theorem, hyperchaotic theorem, Jupiter central distance theory, domain theory, seismic wave field, reflex arc, neural domain theory, linguistic logic orbit mechanism, tumor gene rotation Mechanism, brain control domain theory and other major discoveries, many important works and works, involving natural science, philosophy, religion, social science, science and technology and so on. His new super-heavy-duty, high-speed twin-engine rocket (non-traditional chemical-fuel rocket propulsion) is an epoch-making groundbreaking effort to elevate mankind's long-range voyage to distant planets such as Mars and Jupiter to a new stage. Revolutionary significance, will give the entire space flight, rocket technology, space revolution, the revolution of the universe, the universe revolution can not be underestimated.

Fangruida image data, for the historical memory of historical memory is very important. Thousands of years later, hundreds of thousands of years after millions of years, the authenticity of these human history is more valuable. At that time, human language may have changed, but as long as humans are still living in the universe or planet, whether in Earth, Moon or Mars and other planets in the world, these data is undoubtedly the most image of the image. No matter how the image data in the future changes, these are undoubtedly priceless. Fang Ruida study "Planet Society --- the future universe of super-species social model" and so on.