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Hello fellow Hatena lovers!

I've returned home from Kuwait. I'm now back in America and I'm looking for a full time job. Yes I'm an adult, but I don't always act like one. I love anime. I have been watching anime for over 14 years now. I got to spend my 27th birthday in JAPAN! It was the best birthday EVER! Someday I hope to write junior fiction novels and create my own manga.

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Charmed 3 Part 2

Charmed 4

Charmed MV (Depending on free time)

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Anyone who takes the time to read this is the coolest, most awesomeness, not lamest person in the whole wide WORLD! Tomorrow your greatest dream will come true.

Anyone who doesn't read this, will have live, cranky, rabid weasels slipped into their pants tomorrow. Or will be handcuffed to their desk and forced to listen to Justin Bieber for five straight hours or until they go insane. XD

Personally, I prefer the live, cranky, rabid weasels.