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Hmmm,this is my third update about me.Well,this will be the third of many updtaes to come....hopefully.Ok,I love to draw,I've always loved to.My mother bought me a DSIXL randomly. Now I can aninmate what I love, yayz!I'm 14.I think myself nice and supportive.Just my opinion.I love mail. Just not the ridiculous false reporting. Really, I come back to 3 new reports? Why? and By who? yeah, I'll keep that to myself, but to the person that keeps reporting me, grow up and get a life.I've noticed a lot of people get my name wrong.It's quite simple really.JO-MINI-ME.Easy.My fave creator's are Dustclaw,yomama,chibine,StellaStar and...i forget.I think I'm missing alot of names.Or not...If you have any questions,I'll be more than happy to answer them. Just not so many questions. Like why I've been gone. I go to high school come September. oh, if ya want to keep in touch, add me on gmail. jominime14....yup ya know anyways, byez.