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Hey, vapor here, UPDATE!!!

so i might have to send my dsi to nintendo again, bcuz when they were fixing my mic. up, they put the L and R buttons in in a bad way, and now they don't work. and also, on the thirtteenth through twenty first im going to the beach. idk is there is wifi at the hotel though. yeah. and fans, READ MY FLIP THAT TELLS MY FANS TO READ IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY!!!!! ok thats all for now. bye.

oh, and if i end up starting fresh- what would my name be?




arts (cool eh?)

bane (EPIC!)

essence (japenese ish)

slide (meh im not sure)

air (lol stoopad)

ok thats all i can think of... if u have another idea tell me in the comments i guess

epic people that added me are: ~Apex~, Micro, Mike34, JamesmcJon, Alien-X, I-onic, Rush, DRiFTS, =Spade= (Yes, the awesome Japanese SF creator), =SKY=, MiSH, 0xygen, Cyclone, Cybertron, Altair, Bryc3, [SwitcH], P0RT3R, NV, Kazam, Prophet, some japenese creator whose name i cant pronounce (sorry!), Fallout, Ace, Streak, E-bot, ~KING~, Ironninja, and... now im lazy.

Users ive blocked: SoFresh

best rank- 196