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Lol Its been 7 and 1/2 months and ive grown incredibly! Its amazing, it feels like just yesterday I was doing my happy dance for just 22 fans. Now that number has gone from 22 to almost 700 in a little over half a year. Amazing or what? Anyway ive got tons of friends now like spikyboo (who i met 5 months ago), Just X who is now currently my longest friend. Hes been with me 6/7 of my months on Hatena! PurpleNeko who I met 1 or 2 months ago. Shes a pretty awesome friend! lol And another friend called Professah, I just met her like 3 weeks ago. Shes a cool gal, luv her series. She's best to the max! And to put some of my friends in a big list, Xandria, Duckgal, Molly, Splashpaw, Dromodude, Noble Six, Noble Seven, and so many more. I currently have almost 1 million stars on my account, very proud and right now im working on many flips like mvs, comedy's, series and more. Dang it someone reported me! Urg! I lost my badge and I now have 29 days left! ARGH! So, once again, Kamiru, signing off!