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I love to sing and draw!! :)

I am also a Christian! Asking Jesus to come into myy heart, and forgiven mee of myy sins, iss the Best thing thats every happened to mee!!

He gives you True: Peace, Joy, and Happyness! :D

Romans 10:9-11 is myy fav. Bible verse! :) KJB

If you have a question about salvation, i would be glad to anwser it the best wayy i can. :)

I try myy best to follow in Christ's footsteps.. being a Christian doesn’t make mee perfect :/ I still make mistakes... But, i know 100% one dayy i will be, when i die and go to Heaven :) and until then, I try to be the *Best* Christian I Can Be for Him!! <3 :)

Thank You, and I hope you have a Great Dayy! :) <3

God Bless†!!! ^U^ ~ Kandi ♥'s God ~

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You've been warned <:) hehe Don't believe it's true? Read it for Your Self!! :D




English and Espanol muy pocito ;P hehe

(very lil Spanish)


Books liked The Holy Bible kjv
Animals liked Monkey
Drinks liked Sweet Tea
Food liked Mexican