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↑Sorry that was random.

Anyways my name is Mariana (my nickname is Nana/ナナ) and I live in California. My birthday is July 15. I love Hetalia, Hello Kitty, Domo, and Vocaloids.

I also like Japanese mochi (>^-^)>o and sushi.

I mostly only listen to Japanese music (Perfume, Aira Mitsuki, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, ect.)

I'm also trying to learn to speak Japanese. Right now I only understand very little :/

I ? 日本


1.I'm a “psychic dancing samurai super secret invisible Hello Kitty vampire ninja”! :D

2.I love mochi so much! If I was a vocaloid, mochi would be my character item.

3.Kamui Gakupo is my samurai husband^^

4.Sometimes-actually, a lot of times- I say random stuff out of nowhere XD

Sometimes I'll just say the first thing that pops into my head.

5.My excuse for everything is “Because I'm awesome!!”

6.Why is Japan so awesome? Why? WHY!? And why are anime people sooooooo cute!?

7.What's up with Italy and pasta? Seriously. I know its delicious and all, but is it really necessary to raise your hand during a world conference just to say “PASTAAAA!”? . . .Italy has issues.

8.I have ninja poking skills! Seriously though, a lot of people tell me I poke hard. And I poke people A LOT so I kinda feel bad. . .but I still do it anyway XD

9.Kawaii: besides meaning “cute”, the word itself sounds adorable! :3

(well to me it does)

10.A friend and I made up the country of Normarnia. Its located right next to Narnia and the wizard world XD

You should visit.

11.Even though I am shy (I didn't sound shy XD↑↑↑), I like to meet new people and make friends on Hatena.

12.Uhhh. . . I'm out of things to say. . .


To everyone that left a request on my “Requests?” flipnote: I don't think I am going to do them, I'm sorry! Please read the description of my “I'm Back!” flipnote, it explains it.