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all previous updates are missing. I WONDER WHO STOLE THEM eWe

here's my rules:

dont tell me i steal cuz i dont

dont ask fur an apperance in my MV's unless you are my meowreal (listed below)

go cheak out all my meowreals

dont bug me unless i know you

efurry one!! let's have a sweet rave!!


゙(゚、 。 7

 l、゙ ~ヽ

 じしf_, )ノ

(copy and put on your desc to show u care!!)

ALSO: I have been false reported. So dnt do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Kat Conley, that's a C-O-N-L-E-Y

Age: 14 eWe

BirthDay: 8-16

Gender: female. Duh!

Race: Caucasian

Hair color: black

Forsana: Midnight the Mountain Cat

Eye color: dark brown (wish they were red IT MATCHES MY SOUL jk)

Meowreals (friends) you will see in mah flips:


--Kat Conley (ME, cat girl, pig tales, black hair, red shirt, skull clip, spinney chocker,one cat ear peirced)

--Shadow (Kathrine, dragon girl, blonde hair, red or blue head band, and black shirt)

--Wolfie (wolf girl, pony tail, brown hair, baseball cap w/ a poke- ball on top)

--Auguro (blue bangs, black hair peace sign shirt)

--DJpollo (Blue kimono shirt, head phones, pony tale, blonde hair)

--Monkeyzoo7 (red hair, chocker and a black shirt)

--QueenBoo (blonde hair, crown, black dress)

--Panteress (brown hair, black strapless dress)

--Fairon (back :D, black hair, tepig ears and tail, pink tepig shirt, gem on forehead, white shorts, etc.)

--Keke ( red hair, frilly pink shirt)

--Niki (madi, brown hair, cool Japanese outfit, red glasses)

--Nixx (kilee, red and blonde hair, shirt w/ the letter 'N' on it, pig tales)

--Crystal (Nina, purple, pink and black clown outfit, diamond under her eye, eye patch)

    • Rainu (AKA ユキ~ IDK if were friends, but i like tlking to u! pink hair, school uniform, red tie, ...um...idk wut else.)
    • Rapture (welcome!!!ur sooo gonna b popuLAR!!! Glasses, black T-shirt, side pony tale)
    • Alejandra (;D!! brown hair, red bow, black/white striped dress, neacklace)
    • GameGal (pony tale, reddish hair, pink t-shirt, patterend OMG!! another person that can change into an animal form!!....cool..)
    • So RaNdoM ( a really really really really really really really really really compleicated outfit (yuss) with a drybone skull on top, brownish-reddish hair)
    • AndyStar (cute cut short brown hair, head-band wif sumthin on it... star on her dress...uhhh...etc i guess)
    • ShanShan (furrom what ive seen: black hair, head band, black shirt cut like Shadow's...idk what else. :L)


(lol dont know wut 2 call dude clothes)

      • X (my bro! Blonde hair, red 'X' in hair and on t-shirt)
      • TheDoubter (brown hair, red t-shirt, black button down shirt, un buttoned)
      • ColinVoice (reddish hair, black t-shirt w/ CV on it in white)
      • Luffy ( red hair, red hoodie, black skii hat w/ a hole 4 bangs)
      • Mustard (stickman, has a mustash)
      • Aster (black skii cap, ying yang on the skii cap , blackish hair T-



If I missed anyone, plz tell me!!!!!

characters: (humans) Kat(OC), Coi(patron vocaloid), Krystal(old OC),

Sam (Random emo chara.)

Fav. Colors: blue, Black, Silver, Red

Fav. Thing 2 do: hang w/ my AH-mazing friends, draw, play my DSi, Listen 2 music ...sing (sort of) write and goof off

Things I want 2 do w/ mah life: Get my favorite vocaloid Coi to be recognized as a full-fledged vocaloid: not just the 'forbidden' vocaloid

Get out of High school... one way or another < :)

Starz accomplished:

100: reached

1000: reached

10000: reached

100000: reached


*after here I’m pretty Shure is imposable 4 meh*




Fans accomplished:

10: DONE

20: DONE

30: DONE

40: DONE (u rock, Trukeruck (sp)

50: DONE

60: DONE (yay! i luv u all)

70: DONE (omigod omigod!!!!! thx yall so much! almost there!)

80: DONE


100: DONE (OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ACCTUALLY MADE IT!!!! i half fainted when i saw this. I cant thank u all enough, maybe sumthing good will happen to u in return ;)



130: Da-Done!! (yay)








Did I mansion i am totally and completely ev!l and enjoy k!lling random and innocent creatures?




come @ meh bro, come @ meh!!

catch-phrases rule >:P

Full name

Kat Evelyn Conley






school girl, cheerleader


SSPP school, 8th grade


being FABulous, shopping, chatting, animation-ing...

Special skills

none eWe


English, French, Spanish and can say mah name in Japanise! (can't spell it tho T^T)