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Hello everyone! My name is Sara but for the mean time call me Ushio or Makao XD I'm 11 years old and I like watching and drawing. I started drawing since about 1-2 years ago on flipnote and I find it fun. I dislike my drawings...I'm not a good drawer but it dosen't matter about how people draw right? It's who they are which is important you know. I'm absolutely inlove with Clannad and those kind of animes, they are awesome kyaaa I like sports when it dosen't include balls... My favourite kind of sport is baseball at the moment. I like maths and spelling but the thing I really like is to write stories. If you'd like to read my stories go to: My favourite character from Inazuma 11 is Nelly/Natsumi Raimon XD I love Ushio-cuteness! My favourite animal? Well I like all types... ok bye bye and thankyou very much for reading. Feel free to be my friend, it makes me happy :D

DA: sarapandaisawshum