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TIGERS BACCKKKK!!!!! he.ll yeah(;

not looking for drama like i always used to get before i quit. all i heard was "you stole my bf." i really dnt care..js..

need some more chill people to talk to so hmu ;)

puerto rican pride ;*

facebook--kiianalee Tigersharkk Beltran

twitter- @TigersHYFR

~Kianalee&Scotty4ever..? ^.^ily<3

"give them he.ll. turn their heads. gonna live life till were dead. give me scars. give me pain. then theyll say to me 'there goes the figher.' 'here comes the fighter.' thats wat theyll say to me. this ones a figher."

cake cake cake cake cake cake.....lolol chris brown<3 hehe

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