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Last updated: 11 August 2011

This idea was from "The Kaz Blog" so all credit to Kaz.


I will no longer be on my old account([emoji:n01][emoji:n1B][emoji:n05][emoji:n03][emoji:n1A][emoji:n02][emoji:n00][emoji:n1C]). I will be on this account([emoji:n02][emoji:n1C][emoji:n05][emoji:n04][emoji:n01][emoji:n00][emoji:n02][emoji:n00]) on my XL.

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:Silver Flipnote Citizen

:Got 100 fans

:Made a website from PURE HTML. Not using a web builder.

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My Favourie creators:

No1. Kaz-Gave me my 1st star on hatena! To this day we have been close friends. ID: X R UP R Y B DOWN A

No2. ★BIG MACK★- I know him in real life. ID: R UP X X UP DOWN L A

No3. Still open. Could be you!

My flipnote updates:

My most commented flipnote:'s Flipnote Chatroom ID: Y B B A B Y Y A L A

My most starred flipnote: Pokewalker flipnote ID: RIGHT DOWN A LEFT R L A UP DOWN A

P.S I will be on this TF2 server the most-

Multiplay(UK)::Public::TF2(01)(2Fort 24/7) Prese.

P.P.S This is the PC version of TF2, not Xbox