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Well hello all hatena users here and well... hmmmmmm... Stuff about me..., well i like music, a lot! i'm a very good singer and thats what my family and friends think, i also like to play football (even though i'm a girl!), and dance but i hate drama. I have 2 Guinea Pigs, one called Bubbles and one called Pipsqueak, and 2 Goldfish called Tango and Tips, I used to have a cat too even when she was very young, we called her Mooch but her real name was Missy. Also I used to have 2 other Guinea pigs named Pickles and Hairy Harry and how i loved them so much! <3 =') so yea... Oh btw if you know BOURBONPAL he' brother... so yea and i hope you like my flips, plz comment and add stars thx ily! <3 so see'sya laterz!!!