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Hi everybody! I'm Aurakitty you guys can call me Luna,Aura, or Abby if u like, okay?X3 I love anime and cats! I'm a warrior cats fan and i also love sonic the hedgehog and charecters! Please don't be judgemental... but i also sorta like pokemon.>.< Im looking foward to making flipz everyone will love!My cat charries name is luna! I have a sonic charrie too! She's called Aura!Anyways enjoy!Oh i'm 14 and Aura is 15! oh i also have a deviant art account! im Kitty32129! add me if you have one please! even though i have no art on it watsoever >^< im still workin on that!


Abby:Hi everyone!its Aurakitty just wanted to let you know that since school started my Dsi was confiscated so i wont be makin flips for a while! Im rly upset about it...TT^TT

Aura:creators parents want her to focus on her studies >^<

Sky:She wont be gettin it back till a break(winter break,spring break,etc...) -^-

Jet and burn:so plz endure with us!>-<

Jade and slash: time will pass before you know it! ^w^

Ruby:and yoou better believe ill be back to crush my competition for sky

Sky:Im not a prize Ruby!>^<

Aura and Abby: Anyway keep in touch guys!^w^

(also if someone sees this before someone else try to spread the news plz!-^v^-)