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waka waka waka -pac man

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waka waka waka -pac man

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hiiii :3 im nyancat105 and im a HUGE nintendo fan :D i'm also obsessed with anime :3

i mainly play zelda games but i just like any nintendo game :3 im also on tumblr alot by the same nickname "nyancat105" :P the two major fandoms im in are the gravity falls fandom and the attack on titan fandom. now fo some favorites bruh! >:D

favorite games: super smash bros for the 3ds, kid ikarus uprising, the legend of zelda ocarina of time and super smash bros melee, and tomodachi life.

favorite books: ANY MANGA OUT THERE (well most manga) and a street cat named bob.

favorite anime: ATTACK ON TITAN!! free! blue exorcist and HxH

favorite ships: ereri (otp) kagehina, rinharu and marth x roy :3

favorite animal: whales! :D

walp thats all for now byeeee :D