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Hey ppl!!! :D I am a 13 ( almost 14 ) year old and i luv to draw. I am better on a sheet of paper tho. You may know me as Jaylyn or Jay, but my real name is Jessica. ^FT^ I love art!!! My mommeh yells at me bc all i do is draw. lol, Ok enough about me!!! ~Enjoy


Jaylyn the cosmic lightning wolf ( main oc )

Jupiter the fire wolf ( 2nd main oc )

Jaina the water fox

Emery the ice fox

Kovu the flame wolf/fox

Regina the plasmic cat/wolf

Nova the nebulan cat

Hannah the fire puppy

Taylor the plasmic cat

Lightning the ice hedgehog

Neika the rainbow unicorn ( lol wut? )

Mika the flame cat

Tiger Lilly the fire tiger ( coming soon! :D )

Tasha the ice cat

Chrystabelle the snow husky

Madi the Bumble Bee

Angel the Tazmanian Devil

Exalia the Umbreon

Drake the Hedge/Wolf

Ayshia the Red Fox

Jillian the Lady Bug

Amy the Arctic Fox

Nikkie the purple Panther

Zahara the Moon Moth

Spade the Cat

Cheese the Mouse

Alaina the Moon Wolf

Bubblez the Clown Fish

Siera the Demon

Well... these are my current characters of 2012 and i am creating some new ones very soon :)There are some I havent even brought on hatena yet. lol. I want to tell you a little about my main o.c, Jaylyn. Ive had here for almost three years... THEY GROW UP SO FAST. lol

Jaylyns bio: She was born in another galaxy called Ucalyptis. She was born on a planet called Calypso. But two of the planets in her galaxy collided and Jaylyn and her two sisters,(Jupiter and Jaina), were sent to earth. They grew up on earth together in a foster home after their parents had been killed in the collision. Jaylyn was diagnosed with a power that only she had. It was called cosmic light power,(C.L.P) She was the most powerful out of her and her sisters. Jaylyn's uncle had told her that she was ment for evil and her dad wanted her to control everyone and everything in the galaxy. But if she accepted this offer, her uncle would have killed her after she was in control. So, Jaylyn had to kill her uncle before he became in control. It was a brutal fight, but luckily, Jaylyn won. And to this current day, she is living happily on planet earth. The End. lol

My friends:


Lil' Bunny


Sparkie ^^ (EmoSparks)



Sashy Wolf ( my sis in RL )



Sonia Lee


Psych TH



Yep..... these are SOME of my friends and i hope to meet alot more!!! ......derp..... yep i think thats it. peeeeaace.

~Jaylyn the Wolf