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Imma girl...I'm kinda long winded...when typing...lol I love ONE DIRECTION! (1D) :)) I like to draww.. haha and I LOVE music, it's my passion! types of music: Dubstep, (Skrillex yeah baby!) POP, rock, and a few others! <3 :D Oh and I have been on the planet Earth for 13 years and on Mars for 2... JK!!haha yeah so I'm 13..gahh oldishh.. Anyway...


  • My perfect outfit is a band tee (or any other reg. t-shirt.. I love guy shirts!), a pair of Skinnies, a hoodie/ jacket, Converse shoes, lots and lots of bracelets, a long necklace and matching earrings.. yeah I'm not the typical girly-girl. EWWW! lol
  • My real name is Kaylee

  • I have lots of animals.. Kinda own a farm..Well my parents that is..
  • I am currently getting irritated by this ticking noise I am hearing... Ooh it stopped!!
  • Oh and I RaWr YoU!!! (ILY!!) <3