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hi guys!!! ow! sorry, i just got braces (they are bloo and purple if u ask) and they're HURTING LIKE CRAZY!! ya sorry for caps -3-. wow, this year, it seems like everybody has dental problems. i know at least 3 people in each 5th (ya, i'm in 5th grade) grade class that has a retainer or braces. it's weird. well, nothing much is coming up... OTHER THAN CHRISTMAS!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!!! i just LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. not that i wanna marry it o3o. that is gross. u probably know what i mean tho right? at least, i hope u know. if u don't, well, see ur local doctor then. mkay, don't forget to comment and add *'s on my flipnotes (if u like/love them) BYE!