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Hello, my lovlie. My name is Neimu. I am a fox, dog, wolf thing. I uhhh am blind. Well in REAL LIFE i am legally blind and can barley draw.. But my fursona; Neimu is fully blind. Anyvays... I like vocaloid and the gorillaz and other moosic like that. Aaaand if you REALLY want to know me enough to read this then you'll just have to beg to be my friend and then over time you will just know.. Im one of those people that if someone mentions me, you know EXACTLY who they are talking about and it puts a little smirk on your face, because you're remembering all the funny and dumb things i say and my sarcasm and how rude i can be when i need to stand my ground and face stuff head on. Uh anyway bye. ( also i have paranoid obsessive compulsive disorder)


The blind artist