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HA! I'm enjoying showing my things to everything and everyone. I have to thank my hatena friends to make me feel better and be a little open to others around me and on hatena, if you know what i mean... I'm also on, reading and trying to create some stories of my own. even though i am still in middle school, my imaginations is still crazy today as i speak. i would be grateful if you guys follow me on xbox360. my gamer tag: Deathbotchicken. if you are lucky, you can catch me on a game of black ops. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!Sorry, i had to let that out, I'm a mysterious person or random person, it's the way i act. it made me more friends to girls than boys for some reasons. O_o i like that. if you are wondering what "RR" stands for in my name, it is either "Revolving Rampage" or "Raising Reisharam". Reisharam is my name in the stories on fanfic. Also for furry fans it is also mean "Redrenamon" :P RWTF (Raise With The Fallen) my friends, Raise with he power of awesomeness!!WOOOOOOOOOT!!!!

figure dis out,---> my bf ftw