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Hello world, Call meh Tiki,

i like drawing

making comics

writing stories

playing video games

writing songs and poetry

and i love making friends and meeting new people

(and yes i have very poor grammars T3T but hey no ones perfect)

but here are my most important words and speech~


This is a special tribute to all the artist in this world...

Something i can't stand is when A good artist has no hope or encouragement for another artist...I think of a learning artist as a bird who is learning to fly. If you don't have any hope for that bird, encourage it, or help it out. It might not ever fly. Honestly...would you make fun of that little bird that is trying to learn?

Would you make fun of it for trying, and believe it can /never/ fly?

I think you should have hope and encourage others. Just because they don't seem like they'll ever get better doesn't mean they can't. And when you make fun of them and don't encourage them. They loose hope and give up...if you would of given them the support needed they could of over time maybe became a better artist than you!

An example is myself... I didn't start out a artist. But i loved to draw so i drew and drew and drew and got better and better over time...Even to this day i slowly improve and i encourage others to keep drawing and never give up! Because with the right care and mind...That bird can fly...and that person that your not encouraging or making fun of can draw






may 21