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IM born on October 2




Loli Neko ( we call ourselves the L triplets )


Im and random

I hope i can meet new

ppl and have alot of fans

I love to be friends with

you too you can call me

lala thts what my

friends call me i love the

color purple my fav!!!!!

Im 13 im a girl. I love

cute things lol XD i can

be goofy sometimes. I lovechocolate(myfavXD)

My favorite bands are

linkin park vocaloid and

others i forgot!! DX well i

love to be active

sometimes i might be but not all the time. Im very nice if you

meet me but unless you

make me mad lolXD.

Well my fave animes are Prince of Tennis, Nabari No Ou ,Death Note,Naruto,Darker than Black ( i love lee he is cute ) Durarara ( I LOVE IZAYA -<3)BlackButler (sofunny) and clanned (it makes me cry ) and others i cant name thats all i have to say and hope we can be friends!