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Got a problem with me?

Solve it.

Think I'm trippin?

Tie my shoe.

Can't stand me?

Sit down.

Can't face me?

Turn around.

Love me?


Hate me?

Even better.

Think I'm ugly?

Don't look at me.

Don't like my style?

Don't like yours.

Don't know me?

Don't judge me.

Think u know me?

You have NO idea!

Think I'm evil?

Think about yourself.

Can't handle me?

Let me go. As if I care anyways!

Think I'm stupid?

You aren't so smart yourself!

Hate how I always try to be happy?

You'll be sorry when I'm always angry at YOU!

Hate my opinions?

That's only YOUR opinion!

Mess with me?

I'll always have a smart response!

I'm me. Hate it? Get over IT!!!!