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Hi fellow flipnoters! My 3ds friendcode is 4425-1608-0522! Add me! I love my 3DS! And I cant wait until Flipnote Memo comes out! So heres a few things you probably want to know:

My name is Lauren.

I live in the Pennsylvania

My fave color is pink.

I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Im the youngest.

I LOVE pizza and Mozzarella Sticks!

My series Legends isnt going so well. It seems every time I try to draw the pages I lose motivation... Maybe series making isnt my thing. It takes alot of patience and time. I'll keep trying though.

Back to normal stuff:

Check out my offical channel, Lauranna Likes! It has all the episodes, updates, and promotional and music videos! The episodes are out of order though...

Also just so you know you pronounce Lauranna like this:

Laur as in Lauren and anna as in aim so Laurayna. A lot of people mess that up...

Some of my faves:


macoroni and cheese


touch screens





awesome people

anime and manga

and cute stuff!

Update 7-11-12

I'm back... Although not much will be happening right away. I lost my flipnote citizenship, so I can't link flips.